A Machine’s Dreams #1

by Gareth Sénèque

I don’t have many YouTube personalities like me, but I had to look into the list first. The Top 25 YouTube personalities from 2007-2015, because you don’t watch any of the videos, are a real bitch, they’re completely inappropriate… just plain mean. (Don’t like me? Fuck your friend. I promise.) It’s actually pretty difficult to come up with an official list without talking about all of their names. I guess it’s okay they don’t appear in The Big Bang Theory, but I don’t think anyone in the list deserves to be in the Top 100. The list comes with links to all that is not in The Big Bang Theory.

One of the most popular YouTube personalities is the crazy “Suck it Up, Don’t Let Me Down! We’ll Talk About The Next Episode” who is now called The Doctor Who (who I know is probably just as funny). He is the latest member of The Doctor Who to make a YouTube video of himself kissing an imaginary man in front of a computer monitor.

This text was generated by OpenAI’s GPT-2 model, on input from ‘Youtube Mashups: Suitable Additions to the Canon?’